Hornets nest charlotte

North (or South) Carolina disc golfers, I have a question.

2020.11.23 01:05 Marty_P North (or South) Carolina disc golfers, I have a question.

I’m in the Charlotte area and was going to either play Hornets Nest or drive down to Winthrop. Are either worth it? And which one should I go to? Also I just played Diavolo today and that place is amazing. Made me want to move here.
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2020.11.17 02:52 hostilecarrot I just ranked every disc golf course I’ve played in NC.

Tell me why I’m wrong. (Also, to the Charlotte people, I really am sorry. Y’all have too many courses.)
Every disc golf course I’ve been to in NC ranked from favorite to least favorite:
Birdie Banx (Garner)
Heritage Farm DGC (Boone)
Richmond Hill (Asheville)
Kentwood (Raleigh)
Ashe County Park (West Jefferson)
Good Hops (Carolina Beach)
Castle Hayne
UNC (Chapel Hill)
Joe Eakes (Kure Beach)
Barnet Park (Kinston)
Blackberry (Burgaw)
Rolling Pines (Wilkesboro)
Buckhorn (New Hill)
Fontana Village Resort (Fontana Dam)
East Clayton
Wellsprings at Cedarrock (Greensboro)
Eager Beaver (Charlotte)
Cedar Hills (Raleigh)
Arrowhead (Wilmington)
Lee’s McRae (Banner Elk)
Anderson Creek (Lillington)
Middle Creek (Apex)
Lancer Chain Chaser Urban (Kinston)
Catawba Meadows (Morganton)
NC State Centennial (Raleigh)
Harbor Church (Wilmington)
Northeast Creek (Jacksonville)
Catamount Links (Cullowhee)
Cougar Country (Boiling Springs Lake)
. . . . .
Short list of courses I need to play:
Diavolo (Cary)
Sugaree (Newland)
Glenburnie (New Bern)
Keeley (McLeansville)
Hornets Nest (Charlotte)
Rock Ridge (Pittsboro)
Bill Smith Park (Oak Island)
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2020.11.10 07:33 favekokerrots_22 My Best Foreign NBA player per Team:

Boston Celtics - Enes Kanter - Turkey
Brooklyn Nest - Rodion Kuruks - Latvia
New York Knicks - Frank Ntilikina - France
Philadelphia 76ers - Joel Embiid - Cameroon
Toronto Raptors - Paskal Siakam - Cameroon
Chicago Bulls - Lauri Markkanen - Finland
Cleveland Cavaliers - Cedi Osman - Turkey
Detroit Pistons - Thon Maker - Australia/Sudan
Indiana Pacers - Victor Oladipo - Nigeria (American Citizen)
Milwaukee Bucks - Giannis Antetokounmpo - Greece
Atlanta Hawks - Clint Capela - Switzerland
Charlotte Hornets - Nicolas Batum - France
Miami Heat - Goran Dragic - Slovenia
Orlando Magic - Evan Fournier - France
Washington Wizards - Rui Hachimura - Japan
Denver Nuggets - Nikola Jokic - Serbia
Minnesota Timberwolves - Josh Okogie - Nigeria
Oklahoma City Thunder - Steven Adams - New Zealand
Portland Trail Blazers - Jusuf Nurkic - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Utah Jazz - Rudy Gobert - France
Golden State Warriors - Andrew Wiggins - Canada
LA Clippers - Ivica Zubac - Croatia
LA Lakers - Kostas Antetokounmpo - Greece
Phoenix Suns - Ricky Rubio - Spain
Sacramento Kings - Bogdan Bogdanovic - Serbia
Dallas Mavericks - Luka Doncic - Slovenia
Houston Rockets - David Nwaba - Nigeria (American Citizen)
Memphis Grizzlies - Jonas Valanciunas - Lithuania
New Orleans Pelicans - Nicolo Melli - Italy
San Antonio Spurs - Marco Belinelli - Italy

France - 3 best players
Turkey - 2 best players
Nigeria - 2 best players
Cameroon - 2 best players
Greece - 2 best players
Slovenia - 2 best players
Serbia - 2 best players
Italy - 2 best players

The rest: 1 best player
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2020.10.23 05:36 totallynotroyalty Leagues at hornets nest?

I'll be in Charlotte over Thanksgiving weekend. Does anyone know if there are recurring events at Hornets Nest on Fridays or Saturdays? Or nice locals who want to show an out-of-towner around?
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2020.10.19 14:55 919Jim Kona Panis epic putt at Hornets Nest in Charlotte

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2020.10.14 14:13 discgolfmod DGPT Tour Championship Charlotte, NC 15-Oct-2020 to 18-Oct-2020

DGPT Tour Championship

Event Information
Date: 15-Oct-2020 to 18-Oct-2020 Location: Hornets Nest Disc Golf Course, Charlotte, NC
PDGA Event Page Tournament Website
The highlights section and comments below may contain spoilers. You've been warned.

News And Updates
What You Need to Know about the format

How To Watch
UDisc Live Scoring Disc Golf Network Live Coverage

Post Production
MPO Lead - JomezPro MPO Chase - Gatekeeper Media FPO Lead - GK Productions FPO Chase - Under Par Productions
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2020.09.17 20:06 TheGriesy Question for North Carolina Disc Golfers:

The wife and I are taking a road trip through the Carolinas (Asheville and Charlotte mostly) at the end of October. I have time enough for exactly ONE disc golf round pit stop and have it narrowed down to 2 choices. I would like to get some insight and suggestions from anyone who’s played these, if possible.
Asheville: Richmond Hill
Charlotte: Hornet’s Nest
For reference: been playing since summer, with decent midrange control but still working on driving accuracy over 300’. I would probably be playing short tees for fun, not necessarily trying to make some challenge run at a course record. Thanks.
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2020.09.13 20:53 zachishigh [USA][Send]Lots of books. Looking to get rid of or exchange for horror or literary fiction.

Books I have: Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte
https://imgur.com/xTVBiLe https://imgur.com/geM2JNG https://imgur.com/KJYvxKP
Books looking for: Infinite Jest, Broom of the System- David Foster Wallace any clive barker, paul tremblay, laird Barron or horror.
Will also send for free or small 2/3 bucks charge.
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2020.09.09 02:05 Galilibra Quick reminder on absentee ballot drop off options

Quick reminder that you do not have to mail your absentee ballot. You can bring it to your county’s Board of Elections office, which, for Mecklenburg County, is 741 Kenilworth Avenue, and drop it off. You can also bring it to any early voting site and drop it off.
Mecklenburg County Early Voting Sites are:
Bank of America Stadium Spectrum Center Bojangles Coliseum Cornelius Town Hall Hough High School North County Library North Mecklenburg High School Butler High School Matthews area, to be determined Garinger High School Bette Rae Thomas Rec Center West Boulevard Library Renaissance West STEAM Academy Providence High School Southwest Middle School Former Fox & Hound, Ballantyne Area Myers Park High School Scaleybark area, to be determined South Mecklenburg High School SouthPark area, to be determined East Mecklenburg High School Mountain Island Lake Library Hickory Grove area, to be determined Beatties Ford Library West Charlotte High School Hornet’s Nest Park Former Rite Aid, Carmel area Independence High School The University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) Belk Gymnasium Old Pier One, University area Mallard Creek High School Olympic High School Ardrey Kell High School
More info here: https://www.charlotteonthecheap.com/absentee-ballot-election-north-carolina/
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2020.08.22 06:05 CarefulCoderX Thinking about Attending Worlds

So I live in Charlotte about 10 minutes from Hornets Nest and was thinking about attending the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship. I was thinking about flying my brother and grandpa out to watch, but I want to make sure that attendance is an option.
Do we need to buy tickets or reserve a spot? I haven't heard it mentioned and couldn't find anything searching online.
Edit: Made a mistake and said Worlds when I was referring to the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship. I don't see any way to change the title or I would.
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2020.08.19 05:38 BearsMaulinKids Charlotte natives help me decide on a course to play!

I live in SC and some friends are meeting up next week to go explore new courses and since Charlotte is apparently disc golf city, we are very interested in playing some courses there. I've looked through previous threads, and you guys just have too many courses! Two of us are tournament amateur, and two of my buddies are novice - one picking up the sport 2 months ago. After some digging I am interested in Kilborne, Hornets Nest, and Reedy Creek as those stood out from the list with a few pictures as well from reddit. I just can't decide which to start with for our first course played here! So asking for suggestions for a course that will make our first trip up there a blast!
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2020.07.28 23:15 ATLeiter Only have time for one course in Charlotte

Looking for advise on playing only one course in Charlotte. I'm in town for work and have a few hours tomorrow morning to get a round in. Thinking Hornets Nest but open to suggestions.
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2020.07.28 19:57 1-800-Summon-Me While on a walk with my love I screamed out "YOUR MOM IS A BITCH" in the middle of the street. Felt good. We might break up. Feels bad.

Due to the recent anal probing/fisting I've just received from his mother, for the love of all that is holy, go easy on me.
Also, hello again. It's been a while since I posted and many of you may not remember my story so here's some refreshers if you're possibly sitting on the John and trying to pass the time.
1. How I first fucked way the fuck up
2. Here's how I thought things were going to get better and kicked a hornet's nest
3. Then I got drunk and wrote a shitty post about how she put me in a double bind
4. Still reading? Damn. Well I thought I could call it quits.
So at the end of the day, my love and I decided to go to counseling together. Because, hey, a LOT of y'all suggested that we do so. So that's been happening since pre-COVID apocalyptic times (February?). It's brought out a lot of material to work on and I am grateful for it. We both attend individual counseling as well because it turns out that both our families gave us an anxiety-giving childhood which dragged on into our adult lives.
Ngl, things have been getting better. As far as communication goes, he's learned to communicate more effectively and I'm learning how to listen without interrupting.
If you didn't read the stories (hey, I don't blame you) here's all that you need to know. My boyfriend is a guy who completely shuts off every time there is the slightest bit of conflict or if there's anybody raising their voices.
He is able to relate that pattern of behavior back to her and he's working on it. I gave the guy kudos for facing that fear. Things were going well.
Until he decided to step up and say:
Hey, I want to live my own life. Let's move in together.
So imagine my happy ass celebrating in my room with a beer in one hand and his heart in the other, dancing with no pants, screaming:
Y'all, I felt like I won. Like, hey. Things are getting better. He's healing and so am I and all this shit's finally coming together.
Then last Sunday happened.
It's her saint's day, whatever that is. Frankly, I don't care. My love had invited me over for lunch one-on-one with plans to have steak for dinner and break the news to her there. Steaks n' sayonara.
Nah. She comes waltzing and practically scoffs at my ramen and says sadly,
Oh, no no no. I can't have any of thaaaat. Artificial food is no good.
Bitch, this came straight from South Korea, it could be made of beetle dung and obscure sauce, you bet your ass I'm slurpin that up.
She goes to my love and says,
Viejito, will you please get this cup for me?
So I got two (2) complaints against this one (1) statement.
  1. McScuse me bitch??? Wtf did you just call him??
  2. Did your arms fuckin fall off or did your eyeballs rot out because there's a step stool 2 feet away from you...
Viejito means "husband" in Spanish. Viejo, vieja, viejito, viejita, esposo, esposa.... there's many ways to say it. And that's one.
Y'all, I'm diguuuusted.
But I shrug it off. It's Ramen time. She puts on "church service" on YouTube as she knows I'm strictly Roman Catholic. Her son is too. Idk what she is but the preacher is a woman and there's no Catholic practices going on. I'm like "Okay, whatevs. The word of God. Leggooooo".
I'm disgruntled. My love and I were ready to watch Ghost Adventures and lol irl at our hero, Zak Bagins and his team that looks like Good Charlotte on steroids.
So after that forced sermon, she insists on watching a series of her choosing because in her words:
It's my saint's day and it's all about me :P haha just kidding!
No, you're not.
I told her I wasn't ever comfortable with any shows re: family. For very obvious reasons. So of course, she picks a series that deals strictly with a husband getting screwed over by his wife and all of his family's in on it.
So my counselor showed me some techniques to deal with my anxiety in a public situation. I follow the instructions. I scroll through Twitter to take my mind off of bad juju thoughts.
Then I hear her pause the show and set the control down.
Welllll \ahem* I'm going to pause this show since NO ONE is interested. I thought it would be nice to watch something together but you're obviously being passive aggressive so.... I'm going to retire to my room.*
My love JUST SAT THERE. Like. Nothing. No clearing of the throat, no "Hey, don't fuckin do that to her", no nothing. He never defended me. He just sat there in silent agony. The vibes in the room weren't even tense. They were just red, dark and angry.
Him and I spent the next couple of hours recoiling and talking it through. I got angry, he got sad. It's a stupid cycle we're daring to break. We tried to work things out but at this point I know he's never going to grow a spine or a pair of balls to tell her what a bitch she is to her face.
Never in my life have I felt so hated by a woman. I'm sure it would bring her pleasure to watch her husband son live alone in misery for the rest of his life.
We wanted to move out and get married and do everything beautiful couples do. I'm young, he's young (we're in our twenties). But nah.
So we are going to discuss
s e p a r a t i o n
(aka: Breaking Up)
tonight during our counseling session.
Who knew the things that we would come to fear the most were not in fact, monsters and vampires and things that go bump in the night. Rather, our demons showed themselves as dead-end jobs, faceless insecurities

and mothers.
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2020.07.26 00:47 AlKydonHorvingward 2043 NBA Offseason-Notable Trades and Signings

Atlanta signs Andy Bridgewater (2 years, $27.5 mil-$13.75 mil per year), Charles Marshall (3 years, $61.95 mil-$20.65 mil per year)
Boston signs Taran Moorman (5 years, $80.75 mil-$16.15 mil per year)
Charlotte trades Armond Rehmel, Alexander Oneal, Jerrick Fuller, and the Hornets 2045 1st & 2047 2nd rd. picks to Detroit for Antwan Lucas, and the Pistons' 2045 1st & 2047 1st rd. picks.; signs Jon Ellis (3 years, $60.6 mil-$20.2 mil per year)
Chicago signs Eugene Griffin (3 years, $54.3 mil-$18.1 mil per year)
Cleveland trades Jeff Richardson, J.R. Davis, Dani Garner, Len Williams, and the Cavaliers 2046 1st rd. pick, to Minnesota for Greg Simmons, Kodye Rodgers, and Derek Oden; trades Matteo Parrillo to Philadelphia for Winfield Preston
Dallas signs Rafael Cabrera (2 years, $46.6 mil-$23.3 mil per year)
Denver signs Undra Campbell (4 years, $67.6 mil-$16.9 mil per year), Gary Roberts (5 years, $63.75 mil-$12.75 mil per year)
Detroit signs Maurice Brown (3 years, $50.85 mil-$16.95 mil per year), Adom McCann (4 years, $60 mil-$15 mil per year)
Golden State signs Fred Eddie (4 years, $78.2 mil-$19.55 mil per year)
Houston signs Beas Onguetou (3 years, $45.15 mil-$15.05 mil per year)
Indiana signs Jameel Brown (5 years, $71.5 mil-$14.3 mil per year), Jonah Cole (4 years, $83.2 mil-$20.8 mil per year)
LA Clippers sign Dennis King (2 years, $30 mil-$15 mil per year)
LA Lakers sign Ron Johnson (4 years, $52 mil-$13 mil per year)
Miami signs Manuel Rochin (5 years, $107.5 mil-$21.5 mil per year), Darius Pettus (4 years, $76.6 mil-$19.15 mil per year)
Milwaukee signs Connor Singleton (4 years, $65.6 mil-$16.4 mil per year)
Minnesota signs Charlie Shelburne (3 years, $38.55 mil-$12.85 mil per year)
Philadelphia signs Emmanuel Bakumaya (4 years, $79.8 mil-$19.95 mil per year), Bobby Cook (3 years, $41.85 mil-$13.95 mil per year); trades Theo Sneed, Devon Anderson, and the 76ers 2045 1st, 2046 2nd, & 2047 2nd rd. picks to Chicago for Tyler Lott, Clint Malone, & Clint Robinson
Phoenix signs Julian Fenton (3 years, $42 mil-$14 mil per year)
Sacramento signs Ronnie Butorac (4 years, $56.6 mil-$14.15 mil per year), LeVar Van Nest (2 years, $32.3 mil-$16.15 mil per year)
San Antonio trades Arminas Skema, Kelsey Robinson, Kevin Carter, and the Spurs 2046 1st rd. pick to Indiana for Tasos Gioulekas, Silvijie Radja, and Elmedin Sesar; sign Solomon Melson (3 years, $45.75 mil-$15.25 mil per year), Terrance Egerson (5 years, $88 mil-$17.6 mil per year)
Toronto signs Matt Carter (3 years, $41.4 mil-$13.8 mil per year), Joe Ward (3 years, $43.2 mil-$14.4 mil per year), Jim Davis (3 years, $36 mil-$12 mil per year)
Utah trades Cleveland Sharp, Justin Mills, and the Jazz 2044 2nd & 2047 2nd rd. picks to New Orleans for the Pelicans 2046 1st rd. pick; signs George Williams (2 years, $31.8 mil-$15.9 mil per year)
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2020.07.01 21:50 74_Jeep_Cherokee Disc golf store near Charlotte

Hi all, I'll be moving up to Charlotte soon. I'll actually only be there on and off for work, so it will be my second "home". Anyhow, I was going to start a second bag to use while in town so was looking to see if there is a local store. I'll be staying near the airport. Also, of course I want to play the Hornets Nest but any other recommendations for a casual player that struggles to make par ? thanks

EDITED to add - any Covid restrictions to be aware of ?
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2020.04.21 02:34 SforzandoCreations Improper History of "Charlotte Town" - a possible MLS team name

Charlotte was NOT named Charlotte Town when chartered in 1768. The charter can be read here: https://www.cmstory.org/exhibits/history-timeline-rural-beginnings-1730-1772/1768-charlotte-chartered
Charlotte was often incorrectly called Charlotte Town (and Charlottesburg) by outsiders. For example, Lord Cornwallis incorrectly called it Charlotte Town while invading during the Revolutionary War. He is the one that said Charlotte was a "hornet's nest of rebellion." See this video featuring a Charlotte historian: https://www.wbtv.com/video/2019/12/31/good-question-what-is-story-behind-charlotte-town/
Edit: So, after doing some more map research with https://web.lib.unc.edu/nc-maps/browse_date.php from the UNC Library it appears Charlotte was commonly called a variant of "Charlottesburgh" (so I stand partially corrected) in addition to Charlotte until the appearance of just Charlotte around 1800. This could have been a combination of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County (Queen Charlotte was from Mecklenburg-Strelitz in Germany). No form of Charlotte Town made an appearance until General Cornwallis's map of invasion.
Final Edit:
I contacted the Charlotte Museum of History and this was their response:
"Thanks for getting in touch with the Museum. We’re glad MLS is considering Charlotte history in its naming of the new soccer team!
The WBTV clip you shared is pretty much the information you are looking for – there’s no better Charlotte historian than Tom Hanchett and the guest, Dr. Hugh Dussek, is actually one of the longest serving members of our Board of Trustees.
Prior to mass travel and map-making, many rural areas did not have official names if they weren’t chartered cities. This is much like an unincorporated area today. Roads were the same way, with no official names. And because people didn’t travel as much and didn’t have as much knowledge of the world outside of their community (at least, of its roads and towns), sometimes these names get a little confused. Even during the time period where you’re finding the name as “Charlottesburg” on maps, there are other documents that call the city “Charlotte” including this map from 1789. (note the map also spells the county “Mclenburg” instead of Mecklenburg)
I don’t doubt there are probably 18th c. or even 19th c. documents out there that refer to “Charlotte-Town” but I don’t know of any off the top of my head. I’m not sure where the road name “Charlottetowne Ave” came from, but I’d venture to guess that road was not there prior to the 1950s. A history of CPCC may get you somewhere, since the school is on Charlottetowne Ave.
I hope that gives you some insight at least to the variation in town names. I’m sorry we couldn’t give you a definitive answer! If you’re interested in researching this further, we’re happy to pass your information on to other historians and researchers."
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2020.03.29 00:21 Ingeneric_Username Which teams have fewer fans than their namesake?

Note: This is based off of a post on nfl by u/TwentyThreeEightyOne around two years ago. Some comments mentioned a desire to do this study for NBA teams, but to my knowledge, none has been done. Due to boredom during the quarantine, I have decided to try this for myself.
The question I am asking is "Which teams have fewer fans than the population of said team's namesake?" For example, are there more actual timber wolves then there are Timberwolves fans? These are the questions that require answering.
I first need to find a number of NBA fans. Unfortunately, this is more difficult than it might sound, but a reasonable estimate is around 300,000,000. It is also reasonable to expect around 10% of this number to be fans of no specific team, so I will be using the number 270,000,000. To find the number of fans for each team, I will be taking the number of twitter followers multiplied by (total fans/total twitter followers of all NBA teams) which is (270,000,000/67,947,245), and rounding the result to the nearest fan. Below you can see a chart detailing this process.

Team Twitter followers Estimated fans
Atlanta Hawks 1,271,890 5,054,072
Boston Celtics 3,558,742 14,141,270
Brooklyn Nets 1,103,148 4,383,547
Charlotte Hornets 979,847 3,893,590
Chicago Bulls 4,142,502 16,460,940
Cleveland Cavaliers 3,274,866 13,013,240
Dallas Mavericks 1,724,426 6,852,302
Denver Nuggets 969,861 3,853,909
Detroit Pistons 949,573 3,773,291
Golden State Warriors 6,474,536 25,727,676
Houston Rockets 3,067,367 12,188,707
Indiana Pacers 1,262,193 5,055,540
Los Angeles Clippers 1,624,703 6,456,035
Los Angeles Lakers 8,813,342 35,021,322
Memphis Grizzlies 1,097,204 4,359,928
Miami Heat 4,728,961 18,791,335
Milwaukee Bucks 1,233,197 4,900,319
Minnesota Timberwolves 1,006,476 3,999,405
New Orleans Pelicans 1,081,532 4,297,652
New York Knicks 2,174,851 8,642,142
Oklahoma City Thunder 2,795,459 11,108,234
Orlando Magic 1,505,695 5,983,137
Philadelphia 76ers 1,893,146 7,522,739
Phoenix Suns 1,119,647 4,449,109
Portland Trail Blazers 1,296,512 5,151,912
Sacramento Kings 1,081,118 4,296,007
San Antonio Spurs 3,488,312 13,861,404
Toronto Raptors 2,180,343 8,663,966
Utah Jazz 992,626 3,944,369
Washington Wizards 1,055,170 4,192,898
Total 67,947,245 269,999,997
Atlanta Hawks: There are approximately 5,054,072 Hawks fans. There are over 200 different species of hawks, and a sum of the populations of just 4 of them (Red-tailed hawk, Broad-winged hawk, Cooper's hawk, and Swainson's hawk) is 5.28 million hawks. There are more hawks than Hawks fans.
Boston Celtics: There are approximately 14,141,270 Celtics fans. Celtics can be defined as relating to the Celts. The word Celt encompasses the Irish people, among others. There is around 80 million Irish people worldwide. There are more Celtics than Celtics fans.
Brooklyn Nets: There are approximately 4,383,547 Nets fans. An estimated 450 million people play basketball in the world. It is reasonable to expect at least one basketball hoop (with a net attached) per 102 players, considering how many people own a personal basketball hoop. There are likely more nets than Nets fans.
Charlotte Hornets: There are approximately 3,893,590 Hornets fans. It is difficult to find an accurate hornet population, but considering how widespread the 20 species of hornets are and the fact that their nests can hold around 700 of them, it is safe to assume there are more hornets than Hornets fans.
Chicago Bulls: There are approximately 16,460,940 Bulls fans. A bull is a male cow. There are around 1.4 billion cows in the world, and it is safe to assume that more than 1% of them are male. There are more bulls than Bulls fans.
Cleveland Cavaliers: There are approximately 13,013,240 Cavaliers fans. A Cavalier is a gentleman trained in arms and horsemanship. In today's world, that is not a common skill set. It is safe to assume that there are more Cavaliers fans than cavaliers.
Dallas Mavericks: There are approximately 6,852,302 Mavericks fans. A maverick is a wild cow that has not been branded or gathered. As these cows have not been branded or gathered, it is difficult to get an accurate count of them. Most sources agree that the number of wild cattle remaining is minimal, however, thus it is likely that there are more Mavericks fans than mavericks.
Denver Nuggets: There are approximately 3,853,909 Nuggets fans. The Nuggets were named after the gold and silver nuggets that were in high demand in the mid 19th century. It is impossible to know the true number of gold and silver nuggets in the world, but considering their natural occurring tendencies there are probably more nuggets than Nuggets fans.
Detroit Pistons: There are approximately 3,773,291 Pistons fans. A piston is an essential part of a car engine, with multiple in a single engine. There are over 1.4 billion cars on the road today. There are more pistons than Pistons fans.
Golden State Warriors: There are approximately 25,727,676 Warriors fans. A warrior is a brave or experienced soldier or fighter. There are currently 20.5 million people in the military worldwide, not all in fighting roles. While this is a crude estimate, it appears there are more Warriors fans than warriors.
Houston Rockets: There are approximately 12,188,707 Rockets fans. There have been 6,854 rockets launched from earth since the start of the space age. It is unlikely that 12 million more remain on Earth. There are more Rockets fans than rockets.
Indiana Pacers: There are approximately 5,055,540 Pacers fans. The Pacers were named after racing pacers in both auto and horse races. Since there is a maximum of one pace cahorse per race, it is almost certain that there are more Pacers fans than pacers.
Los Angeles Clippers: There are approximately 6,456,035 Clippers fans. The Clippers were named after the sailboats that passed through San Diego Bay. Around 28,206 sailboats were chartered this past year, and it is safe to assume that the total number of sailboats is lower than 6.5 million. There are probably more Clippers fans than clippers.
Los Angeles Lakers: There are approximately 35,021,322 Lakers fans. The Lakers, originally in Minnesota, were named after the many lakes there. Apparently there are 117 million lakes in the world. There are more lakes than Lakers fans.
Memphis Grizzlies: There are approximately 4,359,928 Grizzles fans. There are around 55,000 grizzly bears. There are more Grizzlies fans than grizzly bears.
Miami Heat: There are approximately 18,791,335 Heat fans. The flow of heat from Earth's interior to the surface is estimated at 47,000,000,000,000 watts. This does not account for the heat that is coming from the sun and other sources. If we have one fan equal to one watt, there is more heat than there are Heat fans.
Milwaukee Bucks: There are approximately 4,900,319 Bucks fans. A buck is a male deer. The US deer population is 33.5 million. Assuming at least 14% of deer are male, there are more bucks than Bucks fans.
Minnesota Timberwolves: There are approximately 3,999,405 Timberwolves fans. There are around 10,000 timber wolves worldwide. There are more Timberwolves fans than timber wolves.
New Orleans Pelicans: There are approximately 4,297,652 Pelicans fans. There are around 650,000 pelicans. There are more Pelicans fans than pelicans.
New York Knicks: There are approximately 8,642,142 Knicks fans. The Knicks are named after knickerbockers, a type of pants typically worn by immigrants from the Netherlands. The pants have been outdated for hundreds of years and are no longer worn regularly. There are more Knicks fans than knickerbockers.
Oklahoma City Thunder: There are approximately 11,108,234 Thunder fans. There are around 100 lightning strikes per second. If we assume that the average thunder sound lasts for 5 to 10 seconds, that brings us to 1,000 thunders at any given moment. There are more Thunder fans than thunder.
Orlando Magic: There are approximately 5,983,137 Magic fans. Magic, which is the use of means to have supernatural power over natural forces, doesn't really exist, thus there are more Magic fans than there is magic.
Philadelphia 76ers: There are approximately 7,522,739 76ers fans. The term 76ers is restricted to people alive in 1776. Those people are all dead. There are more 76ers fans than 76ers.
Phoenix Suns: There are approximately 4,449,109 Suns fans. The sun is the name of the star around which the Earth orbits. There is only one of those. There are more Suns fans than suns.
Portland Trail Blazers: There are approximately 5,151,912 Trail Blazers fans. The Trail Blazers were named after the Oregon Trail, which is estimated to have been used by around 400,000 people. There are more Trail Blazers fans than trail blazers.
Sacramento Kings: There are approximately 4,296,007 Kings fans. There are 26 monarchies in the world, not all ruled by someone with the title of king. There are definitely more Kings fans than kings.
San Antonio Spurs: There are approximately 13,861,404 Spurs fans. Spurs are an optional part of riding boots. Around 15 million people will ride a horse in the next 12 months. A good portion of those people will either share boots or not wear riding boots at all. More will wear boots without spurs, particularly beginners. While it is impossible to determine the true number of spurs in the world, it appears likely that there are more Spurs fans than spurs.
Toronto Raptors: There are approximately 8,663,966 Raptors fans. A raptor is a generic term for all birds of prey. This includes all the birds on this list, which together is far more than 8.7 million. There are more raptors than Raptors fans.
Utah Jazz: There are approximately 3,944,369 Jazz fans. Since jazz is a concept and not something quantitative, I will be counting the number of jazz musicians. This is not much easier, because there is no reliable way to measure the number of musicians. However, given the numbers in the study are far less than 4 million, and jazz musicians only make up a small portion of the population of musicians, there is evidence to suggest that there are more Jazz fans than jazz musicians.
Washington Wizards: There are approximately 4,192,898 Wizards fans. A wizard is someone who has magical powers. Since we have established that magic does not exist, it is reasonable to theorize that wizards do not exist either. There are more Wizards fans than wizards.
Teams that have less fans than the population of their namesake: Hawks, Celtics, Nets, Hornets, Bulls, Nuggets, Pistons, Lakers, Heat, Bucks, and the Raptors
What does this mean?: Nothing.
Edit: It has come to my attention that the Raptors were named after the velociraptor, meaning that there are more Raptors fans than raptors, since dinosaurs are unfortunately dead.
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2020.03.19 13:07 Stormdude127 Teams' risk of contracting COVID-19 based on name

I have concocted a list of all the teams in the NBA and their respective risks of contracting the coronavirus, based solely on their names. Note that some of these teams already have confirmed cases (looking at you Gobert). Note also that corona means crown in multiple langages.

Atlanta Hawks - Can’t catch coronavirus if you’re flying thousands of feet above the ground. Plus, they already paid their dues with the avian flu. Zero risk.
Boston Celtics - Celtics can refer to Irish people. Irish people are known to drink a lot. Alcohol is one of the known killers of coronavirus. Low risk.
Brooklyn Nets - Nets catch things. How do you get coronavirus? You catch it. Very high risk.
Charlotte Hornets - Hornets live in nests. Nests have an extremely high population density, much like China, the heart of the coronavirus outbreak. Very high risk.
Chicago Bulls - Ever heard of a bull in a China shop? Well if any of the Bulls have been in a China shop recently, they probably have coronavirus. Extremely high risk.
Cleveland Cavaliers - Cavalier is an adjective meaning showing a lack of concern, making the players more likely to take actions that will get them sick. On the other hand, even COVID-19 doesn’t want to visit Cleveland. Medium risk???
Dallas Mavericks - Mavericks is a place in California with big waves. A big wave of coronavirus infections is sweeping the nation. High risk.
Denver Nuggets - Nuggets refer to gold nuggets, which are acquired while mining. You know what else is acquired while mining? Jewels. Ever heard of a crown jewel? Checkmate Nuggets.
Detroit Pistons - Everyone knows pistons are an integral part of Minecraft, and Minecraft is a great game to play while practicing social distancing. Low risk (I guess Christian Wood hasn't been playing Minecraft).
Golden State Warriors - If there’s anyone most likely to fight off a virus, it’s the Warriors. Sadly that doesn’t prevent them from getting it in the first place. Medium risk. Also don’t let this distract you from the fact that the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the 2016 NBA Finals.
Houston Rockets - If things get too bad they can just blast off into outer space. Minimal risk.
Indiana Pacers - The Fitnessgram Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. Probably not the best thing to be doing during a pandemic, but doesn’t contribute directly to being infected. Medium risk.
LA Clippers - A clipper is a 19th century merchant sailing ship that can be used to sail on oceans. The world’s oceans are the only places without confirmed cases of coronavirus. Checkmate COVID-19. Zero risk.
Los Angeles Lakers - LeBron James is often referred to as “King” James. Kings have crowns. He could easily spread it to the rest of the players. Extremely high risk.
Memphis Grizzlies - Male grizzly bears come out of hibernation in mid to late March, so right about now. Not great timing. High risk.
Miami Heat - Heat is one of the known killers of coronavirus. Low risk.
Milwaukee Bucks - Buck urine is often used to calm the nerves of other deer while hunting. Urine is also known as piss. Pabst Blue Ribbon tastes like piss, but everyone knows it’s still Wisconsinites’ beer of choice, not Corona. Zero risk.
Minnesota Timberwolves - Wolves are closely related to dogs, and the first dog to test positive for coronavirus recently died in Hong Kong. It’s likely that Timberwolves are susceptible to getting it as well. High risk.
New Orleans Pelicans - Pelicans are known to be gregarious birds. Meaning they enjoy being in crowds and socializing, which is a great way to pick up the coronavirus. High risk.
New York Knicks - Knicks is short for Knickerbockers. Anybody still wearing knickerbockers has bigger things to worry about than the coronavirus. Zero risk.
Oklahoma City Thunder - Thunder is just sound, and last I checked sound waves can’t catch viruses. Call me if that changes. Zero risk.
Orlando Magic - Making the coronavirus disappear isn’t that cool of a trick if it’s too small to see to begin with. Medium risk.
Philadelphia 76ers - 76ers refers to 1776, the year America declared its independence from the crown (Great Britain). They then proceeded to fight them and win. Zero risk.
Phoenix Suns - A corona is an aura of plasma that surrounds the sun. Therefore each Sun has a corona. Extremely high risk.
Portland Trailblazers - Trailblazers are people who are pioneers. At the forefront of society. Not only do they follow the latest WHO guidelines but they’re likely to be the first to discover a vaccine. Zero risk.
Sacramento Kings - Kings wear crowns. Their logo has a crown on it for fuck's sake. Extremely high risk.
San Antonio Spurs - The Spurs arena is famous for their bat problem. COVID-19 is thought to have originated in bats and made the jump to humans in a wet market in China. The bats could spread the disease. Extremely high risk.
Toronto Raptors - The name Raptors hearkens us back to the time of the dinosaurs, when there was no modern medicine. Without modern medicine the coronavirus would run rampant. Extremely high risk.
Utah Jazz - Jazz is built on improvising, and improvising is not what you want to be doing in the wake of a global pandemic. Extremely high risk.
Washington Wizards - Wizards can presumably get rid of any ailment with magic. Zero risk.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.
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2019.11.18 16:02 exploretoapp Things To Do: November 18th to 24th

Here's our usual list of events to kick off your week! We also post things to do ideas on our app (iOS, Android, Website) and Instagram

Monday November 18th
Orpheus Alive & Chaconne @ The National Ballet of Canada 7 PM
Toronto Raptors vs. Charlotte Hornets @ Scotiabank Arena 7 PM
Sasha Velour's Smoke & Mirrors @ The Danforth Music Hall 7 PM
TDE Presents ScHoolboy Q: CrasH Tour @ REBEL 7 PM
Ryan Caraveo @ Velvet Underground 7 PM

Tuesday November 19th
Orpheus Alive & Chaconne @ The National Ballet of Canada 7 PM
Ladies & Gentleman An Evening With Jason Mraz & Raining Jane @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre 8 PM
Tea Base and Chill: Tam Pop-Up Art F*ck @ City of Toronto 5 PM
Moroccan Week @ Aga Khan Museum 11 AM
SAINt JHN Live in Toronto @ Toybox 8 PM
Anime! at the Revue: Satoshi Kon's Millennium Actress (2001) @ Revue Cinema 7 PM
Art Battle Toronto @ The Great Hall Toronto 7 PM

Wednesday November 20th
Orpheus Alive & Chaconne @ The National Ballet of Canada 7 PM
Toronto Raptors vs. Orlando Magic @ Scotiabank Arena 7 PM
AGO Live: 100 Years of Merce Cunningham @ AGO - Art Gallery of Ontario 6 PM
2019 Grand Slam: Inspirational Speaking Competition Finals @ City of Toronto 7 PM
A KLAUSer Look! with Charlie Bonifacio @ City of Toronto 7 PM

Thursday November 21st
Orpheus Alive & Chaconne @ The National Ballet of Canada 7 PM
Nina Kraviz in Toronto @ Masonic Temple 10 PM
Lynda Barry & Chris Ware: On Comics @ AGO - Art Gallery of Ontario 7 PM
Free: The Last Black Man in San Francisco - RPFF @ Regent Theatre 9 PM
Joseph Capriati ▴ CODA @ CODA 10 PM
Paint Nite at the Zoo- "Crisp Winter Lake" (19+) @ The Toronto Zoo 6 PM
Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro) @ University of Toronto Opera 7 PM
Photorama at 33 @ Gallery TPW 5 PM
Neuromancer NC17 at Remix @ Remix Lounge Toronto 9 PM

Friday November 22nd
Toronto Aurora Winter Festival 2019 @ Exhibition Place 4 PM
City and Colour @ Scotiabank Arena 7 PM
Cash Cash x R3HAB @ REBEL 10 PM
Audien @ The Danforth Music Hall 7 PM
Miriam Yeung "My Beautiful Live" 2019 World Tour @ Coca-Cola Coliseum 7 PM
Astronomy on Tap T.O. @ The Great Hall Toronto 8 PM
Long Winter @ Tranzac Club 7 PM
Lee Foss x CODA @ CODA 10 PM
Dead Royalty Presents: Flesh & Blood Tour ft. Eptic & Tynan @ Nest Toronto 9 PM
Blade Runner 2049 : The IMAX Experience at Cinesphere @ Cinesphere 7 PM
Bachata Me at Dovercourt @ Dovercourt House 8 PM
Standerwick - U4RIA - Forbidden City @ City of Toronto 10 PM
Desert Dwellers w/ Medicineman, synapps & Darren Austin Hall @ Mod Club Theatre 9 PM
Big D & The Kids Table at Hard Luck Bar @ Hard Luck 7 PM

Saturday November 23rd
Blade Runner 2049 : The IMAX Experience at Cinesphere @ Cinesphere 7 PM
Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019 @ Royal Ontario Museum 12 PM
The Watchmen @ The Danforth Music Hall 7 PM
Bloor-Yorkville Holiday Magic 2019 @ Yorkville 5 PM
oneLOFT Presents: MARK FARINA @ One Loft Lounge 10 PM
Free: The Farewell - Regent Park Film Festival @ Regent Theatre 3 PM
Psychedelic Babylon: Autumn Colours w/ Morten Granau (Denmark) @ Toronto, Ontario 10 PM
Chocolate Puma at NOIR @ NOIR inside REBEL 10 PM
Riva Starr ▴ CODA @ CODA 10 PM
HoHoHoliday 5K - Toronto, ON - November 23rd @ Downsview Park 10 AM
Dumpster Raccoon presents: Interview With The Vampire (1994) @ Revue Cinema 9 PM
The Funhouse Goes Fabulon @ City of Toronto 9 PM
Depeche Mode Fest Video Dance Party - 23rd Annual Event @ Remix Lounge Toronto 10 PM
When Brothers Speak 2019 @ St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts 8 PM
An evening with Bruce Dickinson @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre 8 PM

Sunday November 24th
Blade Runner 2049 : The IMAX Experience at Cinesphere @ Cinesphere 7 PM
Madeon - Good Faith Live Tour @ The Danforth Music Hall 7 PM
Sunday Afternoon Social: Sunshine Jones @ City of Toronto 3 PM
Toronto Art Crawl Christmas Market @ Toronto Art Crawl 11 AM
Veg Holiday Market @ Artscape Wychwood Barns 11 AM
Madeon (DJ Set) at CODA - Toronto @ CODA 10 PM
TCBS Comic Book Expo & Market @ City of Toronto 10 AM
Black Holes: From Speculative to Spectacular @ City of Toronto 2 PM
Beyond The Dance (Brigette's 50th BDay Bash) **Free @ Revival Nightclub 4 PM

Ongoing Events
Legends of Karaoke at Sneaky Dee's @ Sneaky Dee's On until February 11th
3rd Monday Nights Free @ Royal Ontario Museum On until March 16th
Dufferin Grove Farmer's Market - Thursdays @ Dufferin Grove Farmers' Market On until December 20th
The Rocky Horror Show (Live) @ Lower Ossington Theatre On until November 17th
The Irishman @ TIFF On until November 19th
Indie Week Canada 2019: Toronto Nov 13-17 @ Toronto, Ontario On until November 18th
Bloodsuckers: Legends to Leeches @ Royal Ontario Museum On until November 16th

Our picks and ideas
Best Thrift Shops Toronto's best prices for vintage clothing
Toronto Spas The best place to relax and escape the hustle
Date Night Hassle-free date ideas
Fun Things to Try Because life is too short
Toronto's Weed Stores High-quality bud from licensed retailers
Freebies & Discounts Living in the city is expensive, we can all use a break sometimes
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2019.11.14 18:53 PhenomHoops (VIDEO) Full Game Highlights of Charlottes win over Davidson ... Gaining Back The Battle of the Hornets Nest Trophy

(VIDEO) Full Game Highlights of Charlottes win over Davidson ... Gaining Back The Battle of the Hornets Nest Trophy submitted by PhenomHoops to UNCCharlotte [link] [comments]

2019.11.13 05:38 PhenomHoops Charlotte Brings Battle of the Hornets Nest Trophy Home for First Time in 7 Years (MBB)

Charlotte Brings Battle of the Hornets Nest Trophy Home for First Time in 7 Years (MBB) submitted by PhenomHoops to UNCCharlotte [link] [comments]

2019.10.13 21:00 DangerDylan [Sunday, 13. October]

World News

Blizzard Doesn't Respect the Human Rights of Its Customers, Major Rights Organization Says
Comments Link
Gamers Are Organizing a Mass Protest at Blizzard's BlizzCon
Comments Link
Female Kurdish politician ‘executed’ by pro-Turkish militants as civilian death toll rises to 38 in Syria offensive
Comments Link

All news, US and international.

Guiliani donor Sam Kislin tied to hundreds of millions stolen from Ukraine
Comments Link
Hong Kong pro-democracy activists hoist 'Lady Liberty' statue above city to rally protests
Comments Link
Fort Worth Police Officer Fatally Shoots Woman Inside Her Home
Comments Link


A new study has shown that microplastics in soil can be harmful to worms, causing them to lose weight. Earthworms are an important part of farming as they help boost the nutrients found in the soil - so this latest form of plastic pollution is particularly bad news for farmers.
Comments Link
Conservatives are just as likely as liberals to avoid gluten in their diet, finds a new study (n=1,000). This was true even when researchers broke political ideology down into social policy and economic policy. “Be careful about stereotypes — food fads unite us all”.
Comments Link
Ex-Smokers, Light Smokers Not Exempt from Lung Damage. The impact of smoking on lung function lasts decades, upending an assumption that it only take a few years for the rate of lung function decline to return to normal after smokers quit.
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Visa, Mastercard, Stripe, and eBay all quit Facebook’s Libra in one day
Comments Link
Elizabeth Warren’s Facebook ad proves the social media giant still has a politics problem
Comments Link
NYC Law Enforcement Has Been Cracking Locked iPhones for Almost 2 Years
Comments Link

Sadly, this is not the Onion.

'Bored' Waukesha security guard calls police after handcuffing himself on purpose
Comments Link
Dubai now has Nissan GT-R and C7 Corvette ambulances
Comments Link
Ex-IGP demands apology from FBI, CIA after sharing an Onion piece and getting ridiculed about it
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Ask Reddit...

What's the best kept secret on the Internet?
You get 100$ every time you're rejected for anything (dating, money, favors) . What do you do to make money?
If historical figures actually did roll in their graves, which grave would generate the most power if hooked up to a generator?


A coworker just wrote in a ticket "This could be a blimp in the network due to change ticket ....." I'm not mocking him, I'm delighted to now think of all network errors as little blimps, getting in the way of packets.
Fellow IT workers, how do you organise your knowledge, ressources, readings....
tegile support

Microsoft SQL Server

How Do You Guys Clean Up / Handle Replication Mess


Managing CSV files in powershell using import/export
Comments Link
Nested Tabs, Diagram Updates, Diagram Events, Calendar Object and more in PSWriteHTML
Testing DFS Replication with Powershell
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Functional 3D Printing

Floor drain filter
Comments Link
Printed my wife a pencil holder!
Comments Link
Finally no more "gate" escapes! Hated by 4/5 toddlers around the globe
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Data Is Beautiful

2017 HIV Statistics in Europe [OC]
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Bike lines built per year in Charlotte, NC [OC]
Comments Link
Popularity of the words "Area 51" in meme subreddits' post titles in 2019 [OC]
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Today I Learned (TIL)

TIL a woman in France accidentally received a phone bill of €11,721,000,000,000,000 (million billion). This was 5000x the GDP of France at the time. It took several days of wrangling before the phone company finally admitted it was a mistake and she owed just €117.21. They let her off.
Comments Link
TIL the slogan "Don't Mess with Texas" began as an anti-littering campaign in 1985 targeted at "bubbas in pickup trucks" who littered beer cans out of their vehicles and ordinary Texans who believed that littering was a "God-given right".
Comments Link
TIL Julius Caesar would personally conduct espionage on his enemies. Once, he even dressed up as a Gaul and snuck behind enemy lines. When his soldiers failed to sneak him back, he boarded a Gaul ship blockading the Romans and sailed back into Roman territory without anyone noticing.
Comments Link

So many books, so little time

Book 8 of my "12 books in 12 months" birthday present - "The Night Manager" by John Le Carré
"Less" by Andrew Sean Greer
Just finished Norwegian wood....

OldSchoolCool: History's cool kids, looking fantastic

Old New York, 1980's
Comments Link
1979. This group of dudes saved the peregrine falcon and the California condor from possible extinction. I’m the kid on the left. My dad is James Roush who started the Predatory Bird Research Group at UC Santa Cruz.
Comments Link
A girl and her axe. My mom, born in 1913, fearless and wicked funny.
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Pby catalina at IWM duxford
Comments Link
Qatar A380 on ramp
Comments Link
ITAP of a Super Hornet flying through Brisbane City
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Reddit Pics

Free Hong Kong, Democracy Now!
Comments Link
This six year old boys' grave in Stockholm, Sweden
Comments Link
This is the ninth day of protests in Ecuador against a series of changes that have left the rich people richer and the poor people poorer. There has been some deaths already and yet i haven't seen anyone talk about this ...
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.gifs - funny, animated gifs for your viewing pleasure

Trump claimed 20 professional climbers tested the border wall and could not climb it, here is a climber on a replica of the Trump Border Wall climbing it in 27 seconds.
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The ideal bathing procedure
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Missing death by inches!
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A subreddit for cute and cuddly pictures

This is Prissy. He's been in our family for almost 3 decades. He's my pal.
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Let me show you.....
Comments Link
Little ball of wrinkles.
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