Joaquin Pheonix dating

I had a dream last night that I got stabbed by Joaquin pheonix

2020.04.17 12:19 Ginger_Floydian I had a dream last night that I got stabbed by Joaquin pheonix

So we were at home, me and my stepmum, and we woke up to somehow our house being robbed, the doors were left open so I was calling the cat. All of a sudden about 25 versions of my cat back home Marmelade, the cat here called Magic and a miniture brown sausage dog all come barreling in, then I shut the door. Suddenly im in the garden that doesnt exist its dark and its raining i see two people fighting ontop of the climbing frame that also doesnt exist irl and is about 20 foot high. i climb up and its my step mum. "Paige, help me" she says the other dudes got a knife. So I pull him off her and its like a 20 y/o joaquin pheonix to which I exclaimed "are you jo-". Stepmum cut me off with "yeah he robbed our house then said he was coming back for the doors and windows too". So we begin fighting and I win, I stabbed him twice and he fell. So we get down and hes gone, we think nothing of it for some reason and start walking toward the house. Then all of a sudden he appears and stabs me in the base of my back, it didnt hurt because its a dream but I remember being like "oh, you stabbed me". Then I woke up in hospital in the dream where my stepmum told me she and Joaquin pheonix are now dating and im going to make a full recovery, so is he, let by gones be by gones ect.
I woke up after that very confused.
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2019.09.24 06:36 lamatoms Perennial Liar with Trust Issues

I rarely lie but I never tell the truth. I doubt everyone and my view of world is narrow. Genes didn't curse me like my insecure mind. I work as an Analyst at a big company. That's all the identity I have. Jokes doesn't make me laugh. Imposter syndrome at office mixed with the insecurities of dating a pretty and outgoing girlfriend have put me in a difficult spot. I rarely have a grip on reality. Last weekend I decided to watch Gladiator before going for the Joker movie. I'm still eagerly waiting for the Joaquin Pheonix starrer. In every scene I saw reflection of myself on Commodus. Oh poor soul, the need for validation, the need to feel the love. I wish I could love my gf better. I wish I could be there for myself. I wish I couldn't daydream.
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2017.09.29 00:50 bougsman Tickled (2016) ARG/Hoax

Tickled (2016) is a documentary film supposedly about the investigation of an underground endurance tickling ring which turns dark and conspiratorial. The film props itself up on a large internet presence, youtube videos, vimeo videos, Twitter accounts, a gay fetish porn website, and even the film's main villains appearing at a Sundance screening of the film. In spite of this, rather because of this, it seems to me like an elaborate ARG/Hoax and possibly a commentary on our conception of truth in the internet age. That is, if it looks legit on Google, if it refers to youtube videos with old enough upload dates, we say "yep it's legit." Social commentary foax! It's also just hilarious to imagine orchestrating a Tlon Uqbar style web of lies surrounding a sinister tickle ring.
Watching the film I saw a lot of little red flags, mainly the omission of an integral part of its investigation where they track the tickling ring down to a warehouse in LA without explaining how they found it, and upon arriving seeing a cast of conspirators introduced just minutes before. There's also a cliche ending in which The Detective tricks an associate of the main villain into giving a tidy exposition dump by pretending to have more knowledge than he does. The main villain is also given easy Screenwriting 101'y motivations, he's a repressed homosexual, (to nicely pay off the film-opening homophobia) and a control freak with 'split personalities'. If you remember that classic viral video "Internet Story" which recounted Al1's strange online scavenger hunt, that's basically the vibe this movie gave me. They have lots of cutesy shots of Windows 95 file transfers, but no photographic evidence of these people being interviewed in 2016 being around in the 90s. Why? They're already speaking out.
THE PROBLEM: I haven't been able to get very far with my own cursory investigation into this. If you google a character from the film, Kevin Clarke for example, you will find a Twitter acct. with posts dating back to 2009. Impressive! But everything I search related to the film just routes me back into it. It's like these people don't exist outside of its context. Convenient then that its subjects are fringe pornographers and shady conspirators hiding behind fake names, fake companies, and a billion lawyers. They've got the whole thing wrapped in this nice hermetic seal. Did I mention the main villain mysteriously DIED shortly after making his appearance at Sundance? Seems like an easy way to close the loop.
These kind of things have been done before, to some extent. Blair Witch Project and its supplementary documentary, Cannibal Holocaust and its actors going off the grid, I'm Not Here and Joaquin Pheonix's Letterman appearance, that recent Misery viral marketing ETC
I don't have a conclusive argument here, but it struck me as a highly suspicious film and I can't find anyone else online who seems to think the same. This seemed like the place for discussion given its multimedia and ARG substantiation. And if this IS a documentary about people's lives being destroyed by a tickling obsessed madman, they did not do a very good job laying out the truth of the case, and clearly their efforts did nothing to stop the villain David D'Amato. Something smells fishy to me, but it's also possible the uncertain internet age has made me paranoid beyond the ability to accept simple documentary fact at face value.
some links david damato shows up to screening an interviewee supposedly speaking out against the film as evidence of damato's influence a porn website mentioned in the movie, seems legit to me, they make a point of saying it is separate from the d'amato conspiracy infilm, so it seems like they're tricking you into trust by showing you something real which is not itself evidence of the larger conspriacy note: joined 2009
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2017.06.04 14:04 cardinals5 Cities of the Week 04: Large Cities of Federal Region II

Large Sized Cities of Federal Region II

For the purpose of these writeups, a large size city is any city with population ranking between 10th and 1st in their region.
Federal Region: Region II (New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands)
Map: Region II Highlighted
Average Population of a Region II Large Sized City: 1,145,738
Average Settlement Year of a Region II Large Sized City: 1654

North Hempstead

County, State: Nassau County, New York
Map: North Hempstead, NY
Seal, Flag:
Important Dates: 1643 (Settled), 1784 (Incorporated as Town)
Area: 69.1 sq mi
City (North Hempstead): 226,322 (10th in Region)
MSA (New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA): 19,567,410 (1st in US)
CSA (New York-Newark, NY-NJ-CT-PA): 23,076,664 (1st in US)
Mayor: Judi Bosworth (D)
City Council: 6 4 Democrat, 2 Republican
Fun Fact: The areas of Great Neck and Cow Neck (Port Washington Peninsula) that encompass most of the town limits were inspiration to F. Scott Fitzgerald in his creation of West and East Egg in The Great Gatsby.
Famous People: List; Including Larry Lawton (born), Thomas DiNapoli (lives), and Danny Masterson (raised)

Jersey City

County, State: Hudson County, New Jersey
Map: Jersey City, NJ
Seal, Flag: Seal
Important Dates: 1660 (Settled), 1820 (Incorporated as City), 1840 (Consolidated)
Area: 21.08 sq mi
City (Jersey City): 247,597 (9th in Region)
MSA (New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA): 19,567,410 (1st in US)
CSA (New York-Newark, NY-NJ-CT-PA): 23,076,664 (1st in US)
Mayor: Steven Fulop (D)
City Council: 9 9 Nonpartisan
Fun Fact: The Colgate Clock, promoted by Colgate-Palmolive as the largest in the world, sits in Jersey City and faces Lower New York Bay and Lower Manhattan (it is clearly visible from Battery Park). The clock, which is 50 feet (15 m) in diameter with a minute hand weighing 2,200 pounds, was erected in 1924
Famous People: List; Including Nathan Lane (born), Robert Sean Leonard (born), and Martha Stewart (born)


County, State: Erie County, New York
Map: Buffalo, NY
Seal, Flag: Seal, Flag
Important Dates: 1789 (Settled), 1801 (Incorporated as Town), 1832 (Incorporated as City)
Area: 52.5 sq mi
City (Buffalo): 261,310 (8th in Region)
MSA (Buffalo-Cheektowaga-Niagara Falls, NY): 1,135,509 (50th in US)
CSA (Buffalo-Cheektowaga, NY): 1,215,826 (44th in US)
Mayor: Byron Brown (D)
City Council: 9 9 Unknown
Fun Fact: At the dawn of the 20th century, local mills were among the first to benefit from hydroelectric power generated by the Niagara River. The city got the nickname City of Light at this time due to the widespread electric lighting.
Famous People: List; Including Rick James (born), Wolf Blitzer (raised), and F. Scott Fitzgerald (raised)


County, State: Essex County, New Jersey
Map: Newark, NJ
Seal, Flag: Seal, Flag
Important Dates: 1666 (Settled), 1798 (Incorporated as Town), 1836 (Incorporated as City)
Area: 26.107 sq mi
City (Newark): 277,140 (7th in Region)
MSA (New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA): 19,567,410 (1st in US)
CSA (New York-Newark, NY-NJ-CT-PA): 23,076,664 (1st in US)
Mayor: Ras J. Baraka (D)
City Council: 9 9 Nonpartisan
Fun Fact: Today, Port Newark-Elizabeth is the primary container shipping terminal of the busiest seaport on the American East Coast. In addition, Newark Liberty International Airport was the first municipal commercial airport in the United States, and today is one of its busiest.
Famous People: List; Including George Costanza (born), Queen Latifah (born), and Whitney Houston (born)

Oyster Bay

County, State: Nassau County, New York
Map: Oyster Bay, NY
Seal, Flag:
Important Dates: 1653 (Settled), 1667 (Incorporated as Town)
Area: 169.5 sq mi
City (Oyster Bay): 293,214 (6th in Region)
MSA (New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA): 19,567,410 (1st in US)
CSA (New York-Newark, NY-NJ-CT-PA): 23,076,664 (1st in US)
Mayor: Joseph Saladino (R)
City Council: 6 6 Republican
Fun Fact: Purchasing the first portions of land from the natives in 1653, English settlers paid "six kettles, six fathoms of wampum, six hoes, six hatchets, three pairs of stockings, thirty awl-blades or muxes, twenty knives, three shirts and as much Peague as will amount to four pounds sterling.".
Famous People: List,_New_York#Notable_people); Including John Barry (lived), Billy Joel (raised), and Theodore Roosevelt (lived)


County, State: Suffolk County, New York
Map: Islip, NY
Seal, Flag:
Important Dates: 1683 (Settled), 1710 (Incorporated as Town)
Area: 163.1 sq mi
City (Islip): 335,543 (5th in Region)
MSA (New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA): 19,567,410 (1st in US)
CSA (New York-Newark, NY-NJ-CT-PA): 23,076,664 (1st in US)
Mayor: Angie M. Carpenter (R)
City Council: 4 4 Unknown
Fun Fact: Within a decade following the end of WWII, Islip began to turn from a bucolic farming community into a bustling suburb, becoming what was once described as a "bedroom" of New York City. The influx of people was tremendous - from 71,000 in 1950 to 280,000 in 1970.
Famous People: List; Including Henry Osbourne Havemeyer (lived), Tobias Harris (born), and Mario Puzo (lived)

San Juan

County, State: Puerto Rico
Map: San Juan, PR
Seal, Flag: Seal, Flag
Important Dates: 1509 (Settled), 1521 (Incorporated as Town)
Area: 77.0 sq mi
City (San Juan): 395,326 (4th in Region)
MSA (San Juan-Carolina-Caguas, PR): 2,350,126 (22nd in US)
CSA (San Juan-Carolina, PR): 2,664,889 (20th in US)
Mayor: Carmen Yulín Cruz (PPD)
City Council: ?
Fun Fact: San Juan, as a settlement of the Spanish Empire, was used by merchant and military ships traveling from Spain as the first stopover in the Americas. Because of its prominence in the Caribbean, a network of fortifications was built to protect the transports of gold and silver from the New World to Europe.
Famous People: List; Including Ricky Martin (born), Joaquin Pheonix (born), and José Campeche (born)


County, State: Suffolk County, New York
Map: Brookhaven, NY
Seal, Flag: Seal
Important Dates: 1655 (Settled), 1686 (Incorporated as Town)
Area: 531.5 sq mi
City (Brookhaven): 486,040 (3rd in Region)
MSA (New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA): 19,567,410 (1st in US)
CSA (New York-Newark, NY-NJ-CT-PA): 23,076,664 (1st in US)
Mayor: Edward P. Romaine (R)
City Council: 6 6 Unknown
Fun Fact: Brookhaven is the fifth English township founded on Long Island following Southampton, Southold, Huntington, and East Hampton.
Famous People: List; Including Tapping Reeve (born), Mike Mondo (born), and Alfred Charles Garratt (born)


County, State: Nassau County, New York
Map: Hempstead, NY
Seal, Flag:
Important Dates: 1653 (Settled), 1784 (Incorporated as Town)
Area: 191.3 sq mi
City (Hempstead): 759,757 (2nd in Region)
MSA (New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA): 19,567,410 (1st in US)
CSA (New York-Newark, NY-NJ-CT-PA): 23,076,664 (1st in US)
Mayor: Anthony J. Santino (R)
City Council: 6 5 Republican, 1 Democrat
Fun Fact: In local Dutch-language documents of the 1640s and later, the town was invariably called Heemstede, and several of Hempstead's original 50 patentees were Dutch, suggesting that Hempstead was named after the Dutch town and/or castle Heemstede, which are near the cities of Haarlem and Amsterdam.
Famous People: List; Including Doris Day (born), Raymond J. Barry (born), and Andre Levins (born)

New York City

County, State: Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens, and Richmond Counties, New York
Map: New York City, NY
Seal, Flag: Seal, Flag
Important Dates: 1624 (Settled), 1898 (Consolidated)
Area: 468.484 sq mi
City (New York City): 8,175,133 (1st in Region) (1st in US)
MSA (New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA): 19,567,410 (1st in US)
CSA (New York-Newark, NY-NJ-CT-PA): 23,076,664 (1st in US)
Mayor: Bill de Blasio (D)
City Council: 51 48 Democrat, 3 Republican
Fun Fact: In 1625, construction was started on a citadel and Fort Amsterdam on Manhattan Island, later called Nieuw Amsterdam (New Amsterdam). The colony of New Amsterdam was centered at the site which would eventually become Lower Manhattan. In 1626, the Dutch colonial Director-General Peter Minuit, acting as charged by the Dutch West India Company, purchased the island of Manhattan from the Canarsie, a small Lenape band, for 60 guilders (about $1,233 in 2017).
Famous People: List; Including Frank Sinatra (lived), Robert Downey Jr. (born), and Bernie Sanders (born)


Population, Settlement Year, and Location of Top 20 Region II Cities
For Comparison:
Region I
State of the Week Threads can be found here.
Territory of the Week Threads can be found here.
Cities of the Week Threads can be found here.
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2016.08.27 20:40 MrMxyzptlkO_o 4chan rumors... many on TV/ animated related also

  1. Booster Gold is still in the works, treated more as a Deadpool February release film. No production date set.
  2. Lobo is currently up in the air, being eyed as a potential TV series set in the DCEU movie universe.
  3. Deathstroke no longer in the works. Ayer wanted to use him in Suicide Squad 2, will have an antagonist role.
  4. Metal Men being eyed as a start for animated DC movies. If Lego Batman is successful, Warner plans to push forward development and Warner Animation Group will create the movie.
  5. WB wants to make a few “in-universe” tv shows for the DCEU, multiple smaller teams and smaller characters being eyed. WB wants these shows to be “premium cable” type shows akin to Game Of Thrones
  6. Fables Movie adapt canceled. Currently being eyed as a television show, although worried it may draw the comparison from Once Upon a Time. Up in the air if it will happen or not.
  7. Sandman movie currently being developed. Giving it as much time as it needs to develop. Could very well be canceled. Joaquin Pheonix approached after Joseph Levitt left.
  8. Sam Raimi being courted to direct a DCEU movie.
  9. 100 bullets still in development, although will not at all be marketed as a comic-related movie. Will have the Vertigo banner, but will be along the lines of Kingsman. Was envisioned as a “Sin City” type film, but is currently now a singular story. Will focus on one man’s story with the gun, and have appearances throughout by the Minutemen and the Trust.
  10. The Question being developed for HBO as a smaller scale “gritty noir” show.
  11. Suicide Squad 2 production begins soon, Ayer started writing the script in July, expected to shoot late-spring 2017. Will reportedly be dialed back from SS1, with less CGI, a more human threat, and no pop music at all. Slightly lower budget.
  12. George Miller attracted to making a Jack Kirby property movie, working on Mad Max sequel in-between potential DCEU movie.
  13. Man of Steel 2 is happening, Snyder not returning to direct.
  14. Snyder no longer wants to return to direct JL 2, has opted out. Plans to direct a smaller scale movie for next project.
  15. Shazam to be a one-off movie unless it does extremely well.
  16. Cyborg currently up in the air. If he's a breakout character in JL, he will get a movie, if not, it'll be repurposed.
  17. Legion of Superheroes canceled. Deemed “too early” to be developed.
  18. Darkseid could potentially be saved for JL 3, having more background development in other movies for New Gods and Apokolips. New Gods property being heavily eyed as a film.
  19. Green Lantern Corps will be an adaptation of Sinestro Corps War. Will have Guy Gardener, John Stewart, and Hal Jordan as the only human lanterns. Red Lanterns won’t appear but will be teased.
  20. JSA was originally being worked on, expected to be teased in Wonder Woman with them being in WWI instead of WWII heroes. The idea was scrapped due to it not fitting the general plot of Wonder Woman. It was decided to relegate these characters to the CW shows.
  21. Scalped being worked on by WGN network. Was held up with Doug Jung working on Star Trek movie. Jung expected to show run the series. Geoff Johns wrote the pilot.
  22. WB wants to keep a 3-year release schedule with solo movies for A-listers . Wants to keep diversity in the lineup and keep filmgoers interested without being fatigued. On DC Animated movies, plans are to increase production to 4 movies per year. Doing “event” animated movies with a limited theater release ala Killing Joke will probably happen yearly.
  23. Old scripts being revitalized as animated movies might still happen. Batman Beyond script by Boaz Yakin has been floating around.
I don't believe these but always fun to speculate. It's already a boring day anyway.
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2016.03.25 19:12 StrangerDelta [TOMT] Film from the late 2000s set in or around the 60s.

I watched this film when I was younger and most of the plot went way over my head. I think the main character is a journalist. In my head the actor looks like a mix between Bryan Cranston and Joaquin Pheonix. Every time the year changed it would display the date in a groovy sort of psychadelic font. I feel like the main character was depressed and drove a lot.
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2014.03.19 09:01 untitledmoviereview Her (2013) Director, Spike Jonze

A man fall’s in love with computer. No, it doesn’t seem like an original premise. The idea of an artificial intelligence creating an emotional bond is not anything new. I suppose what has been lacking in the past decade is a revamp of this idea; something that is relevant to the social media that consumes us already. The question is “how?” How can you distil the gigantic subject area of humans relationship with computers into 2 hours? Spike Jonze figured out how. Spike Joze has written a very interesting film about a man who falls in love with his, more accurately, operating system. Her is one of the most thought provoking and emotionally heavy films I have seen since No Country for Old Men (2013). The only thing deterring me is that damn moustache.
Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) has recently broke up with his wife (Rooney Mara) and it difficult to come to terms with the loss. Delaying the signing of the divorce papers, Theodore tries to move on and goes on a blind date (Olivia Wilde) only to find that does not feel comfortable in the dating world anymore. To compensate for the loneliness, he buys a new operating system for his computer, the first artificially intelligent one on the market. A voice is designed for Theodore on installation, that of a young woman, it calls itself Samantha. Samantha soon fills the loneliness in Theodore’s life and they grow close. Hesitant about the relationship they form, he grows self-conscious when his ex-wife learns about the couple and scolds him about. His faith in Samantha is revitalised, when his old college girlfriend, Amy (Amy Adams), reveals that she too has a close friendship with her OS. While Theodore deals with his issue, Samantha begins to develop too fast for the relationships good.
I have a feeling that this film’s subject matter will be discussed somewhat more thoroughly in the years to come. Not only is the matter thought provoking, I felt it was a realistic or, at least, inspired vision of humanity’s future, which correlated with how we behaved at this point in time. What is interesting is the significance of the AI in this story. If you consider the same romantic story, but between two human, it seems a little cliché and even unoriginal. With Samantha, however, you get very intricate and socially significant story. This combined with the very retro, yet incredibly futuristic setting; Jonze has created something that works well, despite these wild and crazy elements. I think the key to it working, is the respect and dignity in which Jonze handled the content.
I did not like Joaquin Pheonix. I don’t know whether I am not a fan in general, or that this role just didn’t suit him. He was inconsistent. At times, he really got into the role. At other times, he looked lost and seemed like he tried too hard to be this introvert and awkward man. The opposite can be said for Scarlett Johanson. Her voice was perfect for the role, and any guy can tell you how seductive her raspy voice can be. She, like Jonze, treated the narrative with the utmost respect. Amy Adams was an exceptional piece of casting. I was hard on her when I watched American Hustle, and I still stand by my opinion of that performance. However, she redeems herself in a sweet and messy role.
Her has a great amount of charm within. The themes can get a little intense at stages, and Theodore’s anxieties about having a “robot” girlfriend can become a little monotonous. However, on the whole, the detail that has gone into the issues, themes, narrative, look and feel of this film, far outweigh this. I think this is a film that respectfully turns rom-com and romance drama convention on their head. It may not appeal to everyone, but I think it is a must see, just so you can experience some new ideas and you, yourself, can form an opinion on it. My only warning is this; Joaquin Phoenix’s moustache is terrible letdown and needs to be eliminated. A great sci-fi and romance film.
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2012.10.02 20:51 Canei Extended Field Report From a Crash and Burn. [FR]

For the cliff's notes version of this post, you will want to skip to the numbered section at the bottom.
The life unexamined is not worth living. Pay attention to your life. It's any easy trap to fall into, not picking apart every little mistake or success you have with women. But you should, not as you're talking to them, or you'll blow yourself out, but think hard on it later. You can still be outcome independent and not give a fuck and such, but study intellectually what goes wrong or right with your interactions. Analyze the shit out of it all, the good and the bad. Every little rejection or success you encounter is the result of you: How you look, the slightest extra bit of confidence you portray, how drunk you are, your tone of voice, your appearance. On one hand you can't let yourself get bogged down by thinking about these things or you'll be a failure with women. On the other hand, if you're not not at all conscious of your behavior, status, appearance, the things you're saying that make you sexy, your level of eye contact, etc... you'll never evolve.
I tend to learn more from my failures because instead of cuddling with my baby and trying to keep the bottom arm of my big spoon from falling asleep, when I fail I'm analyzing what I did wrong. Tonight, I've been humbled. I hate to admit that I've failed with this girl. It happens to us all, but I haven't crashed and burned like this since my AFC days. But I learned.
I'm a cast member in a play, and last night was our final performance. She's an honest to God 10, and so fucking cool too. This is no ordinary hotty. This girl froze my game. She was that perfect that a seasoned vet like your pal Canei... fell hard. This girl would give Iceberg Slim oneitis. An Angel.
So, Angel and were in a play together, and I slow played it each rehearsal, being cool and teasing her until she was into me. I would bust her mercilessly on her age (I'm much older), call her dark and twisted. I accused her of staring at my junk: "I'm up here" She ate it up. I never paid her too much attention, and let her see me just be an awesome confident guy around the cast.
I could sense she was into me. It was fucking GREAT. She started laughing harder and louder at my jokes, coming to stand by me more, making fun of me harmlessly in groups. I did an inner Final Fantasy victory dance. It was on. After practice one day, as we were walking out, she mentions she's that she's starving.
Canei: So come get dinner with me.
Girl: (Laughs) Like, a date?
Canei: (Without missing a beat, and with a strong voice) Yeah, like a date.
Girl: Wait, seriously?
Canei: Yeah seriously, guys must ask you out all the time.
Girl: But you always call me Junior (Smiling, direct eye contact, playing with her hair) You really see me like that?
Canei: Come get dinner with me.
Girl: I can't tonight. My roommates birthday is tonight. (Thinking it over) I have to drive back to [town an hour away where she goes to school]
Canei: Skip it, I'm more fun than your roommate.
Girl: I really can't tonight.
Canei: No, I understand. Go have fun with your roommate. We'll do this another time.
Girl: (Smiling) A date?
Canei: Yes. I'm not asking you out... I'm telling you.
Girl: Cool.
Well gents, ol' Canei was pretty pleased with himself that night. I couldn't stop smiling. I knew I was playing it awesome. James Bond, yo. You know why tt's hard to be outcome independent? Positive outcomes feel much better. But, I knew I hadn't really gotten anywhere yet, so I tried to cool my jets.
Well, in the week between then and when I saw her next, she started the process of getting back together with her high school sweetheart. I didn't know this yet, so to me it just seemed like her attraction to me disappeared. She just wasn't as into it as the first week, so I got super in my head. I started to play it very wrong from that point on. I knew I was fucking up but I couldn't stop. I blacked out from her volcanic hotness and made the move too early. A huge leap in Kino. I went in for the kiss before I established enough touching or comfort. We had flirted a lot, but really didn't know much about each other. It's so obvious in retrospect. I won't make that mistake again.
From the moment I showed interest by trying to kiss her, I went full retard. I figured, since I had already showed my hand, the best thing to do would be to be a rake). Just super direct and unlike any guy she's ever known. I wasn't congruent because I wasn't playing my game. I'm much subtler usually. So I texted her:
I know that was too soon to kiss you, but there's something about you. You make me unable to control myself.
No response.
As she was continuing peace talks with the ex, I called her to see if she was coming into town for the weekend. She said she'd call me back, but never did. Well, I kind of half-assed being a rake. A rake is hard to pull off. Those of you who've read "The Art of Seduction" know what I'm talking about. Anyhow, I was not a rake, not congruent. The harder I struggled to not drown in my own text and calls, the more I regressed into AFC times. The pure joy of an interested angel turned to the bitter disappointment an angel flaking. I knew I was sinking. At the last rehearsal, and going into the final performance last night, she wanted nothing to do with me. Avoiding eye contact, the works. A 180. Feels bad man. I was talking in the mirror all like "Canei, you call yourself a player. Please bitch, you're no player. You're creepy bra. That boyfriend thing she said probably isn't even true."
The problem was that I wasn't being me. I tried too hard and she tore my feelings like I had none. Not being me, and coming on way too strong and too early made her interest in me plummet to zero. I blew it, and tonight was the final performance of the play. A sour note to end on. "Canei" I said to myself "I'm sorry brother, I didn't mean it. You're not creepy. You're awesome. Let's learn from this." Basically, I had nothing to lose. I was never going to see this girl again, why not at least learn from her? Also, leave her better than I found her. Fuck it. She has a boyfriend anyway. Nothing to lose.
I texted her to meet me outside, because she was avoiding me. (Yeah, it was brutal) She texted back Why? And then I just said "as a favor. trust me." I kept asking, but she wouldn't respond. She's super fucking stubborn, but so am I. She absolutely didn't want to meet me. But I finally convinced her through alpha persistence to just have a private word. When she didn't respond to my many texts, I took her from her conversation, authoritatively declaring that I needed to borrow her.
I pulled her into the hall, practically kicking and screaming, and then did something I never do. It was totally AFC, but I knew it would be going in, and I tried to do it in as alpha a way as I could muster. I pulled her into the hall and gave her a series of genuine compliments. Sappy shit. Pedestal shit. And I could have gone on for minutes. And I meant it. Just genuine unrestrained compliments. Something like few of us ever hear, but all deserve to hear. I gave her huge compliments, something I never do. And it wasn't coming from a place of even trying to game her anymore. I just thought "She's great, and if it doesn't matter what she thinks of me. She deserves to hear this."
I said: "Listen, I know we barely each other. I know you have a boyfriend, and I'm not trying to disrupt your relationship. I'm sure he's great. (Her, smiling: "He is!" Me, doing my best not to vomit) I just feel I owe it to you to tell you this, since I'm never going to see you again after tonight.
I think you're absolutely incredible. It's not just your face, or your body, or the way you move and laugh, it's, it's just... you have an intellect, a creativity, a wit that I don't think people usually see behind your beauty. I don't even know if you see it. You're incredible. I give you shit, and you give it right back. I love that. You can hang with anyone. I call you 'kid,' but I'm teasing. I know you're a woman. The thing is, I meet a lot of amazing people, but I think it's a shame I never really got to know you, because you're a rare person. You're meant for greatness. I'm an excellent judge of character, and you're meant for big things. You have the total package, and that's really rare. You're unbelievably stubborn and a little sheltered, but you're one of the most fascinating people I've ever met. I'm not in love with you, and I'm not going to lose sleep over you, but it's too bad I never got the chance."
I meant it. (Except for the fact that I'd disrupt her relationship in a heartbeat if I thought it was realistic)
It was against all my instincts to tell her that, and I wish I could say that she was cuddling up to me now, but no. That's not always life. What I can tell you is that after I gave her the genuine compliment, she smiled. After avoiding me vehemently for two previous whole rehearsals, she said "That was nice. Weird, but nice." At the last performance, she started initiating conversation again. I think she was even a little attracted again, but this girl did such a number on me somehow that I stopped trying to figure it out. At the end, I told her to take care and have a great life. She said:
"I have your number"
A bronze medal.
I failed, but I grow from failure, so that I may rise, Joaquin Pheonix style, from my ashes. Here's my take on the whole situation.
1) I will NEVER again make my move too early, or even directly express interest. All y'all who play direct game, props, but I'm going back to indirect game. Unspoken shit. Plausible deniability. Direct only under the surface and with body language, and with mixed signals.
2) The old advice is true. Step outside of yourself, and do something new, something you'd never do. Just to see what happens. Going that direct and pursuing that hard was new to me. It totally didn't work, but I don't regret it. It's given me food for thought, and I found aspects of it I like and aspects I don't. Same with the compliments. I very rarely ever give huge compliments. I'm rethinking that now. Try new behaviors. It's the only way to learn.
3) Compliments are more powerful than negs, it's just that you need to give compliments correctly, and at the right time. They need to be earthshattering, genuine, and unique. The stuff nobody else notices. The type of compliment that is remembered years later. I'm going to compliment more.
4) If you're going to be beta, do it in an alpha way. If you apologize, that doesn't mean you need to be a sorry loser about it. If you're going to beg a girl who has a boyfriend to talk to you for five minutes, beg with direct eye contact and call her out on being unreasonably stubborn. "You're impossible, you know that?"
5) Study social dynamics, every second of every day. When you watch TV, when you're in class or a meeting, and when you're right in the thick of it. It's always happening. Cause and effect. Whether you succeed or fail, there's always a reason. Usually it's something in your communication. Sometimes, I piece of shit on-and-off boyfriend too. Find the cause for each effect.
6) Outcome independence. I thought I had a chance with a siren of a girl, but it wasn't meant to be. I'm fine with that. There will be others. Self esteem intact. Still happy. Still tall dark and handsome. Still awesome. Still improving every single day of my life.
7) So much of flirting is creative misinterpretation. If you see a hotty in a camo-tee, salute her. If she's older or younger, exaggerate it to ridiculous proportions. If she's wearing a leather jacket, recruit her into your biker gang. If she sneezes, go over the top blessing her with holy water.
8) Play your own game. Yes, try new behaviors, but only when you want to experiment. Play your own game. Be you, not someone you're not. If you know you want to be more of a caveman, do it until it's second nature, until it's part of your game. Then play on.
9) Don't take giant leaps in kino.
10) I'm going for every 10 I see. 10s are thrilling to go for. 10s make this game worth playing, especially when they're cool people. If I ever get married, God forbid, I swear she will be gorgeous. There's no reason to waste time on any girl who's not. We're badasses, and we will prevail.
I don't know if that was educational or just a long vent session. I suppose that's why reddit has a voting system.
Cheers players,
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